“The compact between writing and walking is almost as old as literature – a walk is only a step away from a story, and every path tells.”

– Robert Macfarlane, The Old Ways


Hello. Storymaps is a thing-in-progress, one map and fifteen-thousand ideas at a time. It grew from a love of psychogeography, of history and buildings, of stories and trees, and of looking up, seeking out the astonishing details that are often hiding in plain sight.

Storymaps was inspired by the idea that a city is a story that is still being written, every day, by the people in it, the people who walk its paths and breathe its air.

So, what is a storymap?

Well, maps are amazing, they come in all shapes and sizes, show different terrains or pinpoint specific kinds of places. But you have to look at them, and in doing so, it’s easy to miss other details along your journey. A storymap is an audio map, you listen to it, and it takes you on an adventure, exploring different parts of the city through facts and fiction, revealing new treasures along the way.

What new stories are you going to discover or create today?


photo: Handyside Bridge, over the River Derwent, Derby

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